Completing our free Registration

If you didn’t buy your seeds directly from our website, we’d have a hard time delivering all of your included benefits! For example, our emails and instructions are tied to where you live – we couldn’t send those if we didn’t have your growing location or permission to email you. Also, you’re paying for a lot of digital information, and membership to the community support forum – it wouldn’t be very fair to our paying customers if just anybody could access those without paying. So, if you got your kit from a reseller (like Amazon, Etsy, etc), there’s one little extra thing we need you to do for us.

Step 1

Find the registration card in your kit materials. It should be about the size of a business card (3.5″x2″) and look something like the picture to the right.

Don’t have one of those little cards in your kit and you didn’t buy directly from us? Or some other issue? Oops. Send us an email and we’ll make it right!

Step 2

On the back of your card should be a sticker with the name of the plan, and an alphanumeric code. The name of the plan (in this case “Room To Grow”) tells you which product to pick on this page, and the code (“BZQSK58C”) will allow you to “check out” on our website with that product for free.

Step 3

Select the correct corresponding product. This will open a checkout process in a new browser tab. At the top of the page, where it says “Have a Coupon?”, click the text “Click here to enter your code”, and input your alphanumeric coupon code. Click “Apply Coupon”.

Complete the remainder of the checkout process. You do not need to enter any payment information. Even though there is a recurring yearly charge listed for our subscription products, you will never be charged unless you decide to renew. This simply gives you an active, paid account in our systems that allows you access to everything The Plant Dad has to offer for one year.

When you’re done, close out the checkout tab and come back here to start accessing your resources!


Step 4 - Start Enjoying your benefits!

After you finish registration, you’ll get an “order” confirmation and shipping emails, which you can ignore (you already have your seeds and layout, after all). Use your new The Plant Dad account to unlock variety information, growing instructions for your layout, resources and education/reference materials, and access to the community forum!