“Room To Grow” Heirloom Seed Subscription

$54.99 / year


The ultimate heirloom vegetable growing plan! Designed for a 4′ x 12′ growing layout (not included), the plan includes a whopping 16-18 vegetable/herb seed varieties. Because of the larger footprint, you can produce lots of fresh, delicious vegetables all season long. If you’re a serious gardener, this lets you discover exciting heirloom varieties you may not be familiar with. Some garden resources refer to this as a “try out bed”, a place to decide if new varieties are right for your garden and eating habits before scaling them up to the rest of your plots. Like all of our plans, it emphasizes companion planting and organic techniques, which reinforces your good habits. Everything in our professional designs can also be scaled to apply to much larger garden areas. We’ll send timely reminder emails and instructions, which help you stay on top of gardening tasks. Of course, you’re never on your own – tap into The Plant Dad community to share, give back by helping other members, or for laser-focused advice from people raising the exact same varieties.

What’s Inside?

While choosing the best yearly seeds is always our job, here’s just an example of what might come with this plan. Don’t forget that each packet will link to its own interesting and educational backstory, like this one, and of course includes foolproof instructions!




A centuries-old flower that’s been grown for both food and foliage


Yellow flowers worth their weight in gold for pest protection


Centuries-old basil varieties originally carried over by Italian immigrants


A variety taken by Columbus that came into its own in Rome


Tennis-ball shaped heads with buttery, tender leaves


Huge, flavorful leaves that can take a frost or two in the Spring or Fall

Garnish, pest protect, and pollinate your garden

Sweet Bell Pepper

A special pepper with a Spanish name


Zucchini – more than you could ever eat with a backstory you’d never believe


All the way from animal feed to America’s golden food obsession

Pole Beans

Green beans enjoyed since before the Civil War

Bush Beans

Named after cranberries, or volcanos… depending on who you ask


A very old favorite coming back in vogue


An amazing plant named with an eye towards marketing the exotic


The only thing small about these peas is their footprint


Got popular much more recently than one would think

Shipping of all products is tied to the North American growing season. You will get your products and kits in time to use them in your area. Like all of our seed kits, this product DOES NOT include the planter or planting bed. Specific seed brand(s) pictured may or may not be included based on their availability and suitability for planting in your growing region.