“Kitchen Counter” Heirloom Seed Subscription

$29.99 / year

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Even if you don’t have the yard space to house a garden, it doesn’t mean you can’t grow your very own heirloom harvest. While most typical gardens come in larger shapes and sizes, you’d be surprised how many veggie and herb plants can fit neatly right on your countertop. Included are 5-6 compact heirloom vegetable and herb seed varieties, designed to grow about 9 plants easily with the container kit pictured (not included – can be purchased easily on Amazon). The planter base is roughly 1 foot in diameter and 18″ tall, so it will fit compactly almost anywhere.  Just place the planter in a sunny location (or add a grow light), and watch for the fresh organic produce. This plan is perfect for aspiring gardeners without porches or yards, or for the apartment dweller that could use some fresh garnishes from time to time. If you run into any problems, or just want to share, connect with the online community of other growers who are all raising the same varieties. If you want to think outside the planter, the seeds make perfect additions to spice up an indoor countertop growing kit you might already own.

The Kitchen Counter Kit allows you to efficiently grow different heirloom vegetables right inside your home, and they’re perfect for those rush-hour culinary moments of flavor enhancing your dishes. You’d be able to quickly snip off some heirlooms and incorporate them into your dish right away, imparting a fresh, decadent burst of flavor that your tastebuds will find irresistible.

What’s Inside?

While choosing the best yearly seeds is always our job, here’s just an example of what might come with this plan. Don’t forget that each packet will link to its own interesting and educational backstory, like this one, and of course includes foolproof instructions!



A beautiful (and edible!) flower easy to grow and delightful to look at


Centuries-old basil varieties originally carried over by Italian immigrants


Tennis-ball shaped heads with buttery, tender leaves


Common or Chinese Chives (do you know the difference?)

Dwarf Sweet Pepper

Tiny, cream-colored bells grown in the gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello


Naturally baby sunrise-colored carrots with delicious greens and roots


The only thing small about these peas is the footprint

Want to get started on your very own Heirloom Kitchen Garden? We’ll treat you with a rich variety of heirlooms, vegetables and herbs that love being in small spaces. Being quick to care and tend to, they’re guaranteed to make each countertop harvest, an absolute success.

Shipping of all products is tied to the North American growing season. You will get your products and kits in time to use them in your area. Like all of our seed kits, this product DOES NOT include the planter or planting bed. Specific seed brand(s) pictured may or may not be included based on their availability and suitability for planting in your growing region.