Can I choose my own seeds?

We work with seed companies to provide top-quality organic GMO-free heirloom seeds to you, based on your location, growing situation, and other members’ experiences growing that or similar varieties. If you don’t like the particular types we sent, you may be able to use our members seed swap depending on your state laws, but what you trade for might not be quite as ideal as what was in the box. Plus, it’s fun to try something new in the garden!

What's included?

A subscription includes a box of carefully sourced non-GMO heirloom vegetable and herb seeds, delivered to your door. Also in the box is a full-season garden plan for layout, sun exposure, recommended plant grouping and spacing, and any interesting information we can find about the agricultural heritage of each vegetable variety. In addition to printed plans, we will send you detailed prompts and instructions by email throughout the season to help you time planting perfectly and stay on top of other garden tasks. And subscriptions also come with free shipping site-wide plus full access to The Plant Dad’s forums to connect with the rest of our heirloom gardening community.

Are your seeds "Seconds", Leftovers from last season, or surplus?

Never! The seeds in our plans are all top-quality, high demand, and current-season seeds from extremely reputable vendors. These are rare varieties marketed to the gardening enthusiast and regularly retail for upwards of $3 per packet when bought on their own. You can expect to get the same premium quality, fresh, brand-name seeds ordering from us as if you went on your own to any leading heirloom supplier in the industry – all we add in is the expertise and curated planning. 

Don't I need lots of space and sunlight to grow food?

Not always! Lots of plants can survive and even thrive indoors. If you’re growing outside, keep in mind you want to choose a spot that gets full summer sun for 6 hours or more, close to the house, and clear of obstacles. If you’re growing inside, you should pick a good south-facing window. If you don’t get that much light indoors, don’t despair – a lack of light can easily be overcome with an inexpensive electric grow light secured with either a clip or on goose neck stand, or you can even use your seed plan in a commercially available system (with lights built in) designed for indoor counter top growing.

Does my plan include everything i will need for my whole garden?

No, your garden plan will not include everything under the sun you’ll need for the whole entire season. Also, in terms of serious gardening, our layouts are pretty bite-sized. The point isn’t to become a be-all end-all – we want you to learn important skills like companion planting, succession planting, and crop rotation (which will absolutely scale up to larger plots), try out interesting new types of heirloom seeds, and be part of a community of like-minded people where you can help others and get help yourself. The Plant Dad is not going to replace your need for the local garden center.

Will I need to Start Any seeds indoors or Get starts/seedlings?

Possibly – While these plans emphasize varieties that can be direct-sown (planted right into the garden soil), some classic veggies need a head start in lots of climates. We plan to address this at a company level in the future by refining the product line and selling the appropriate equipment. In the meantime, we can educate you on seed starting indoors, or you can pick up some of the veggies we specify as starts/seedlings at your local nursery and plant them according to the plans. Or, you can just skip these varieties entirely and focus on the vast majority of your seed plan – corn, cucumbers, chard, lettuce… – in all over 28 common vegetables and herbs can be direct-sown from the seeds that come in the box.

Can I save some seeds for next year?

Yes! Because heirlooms are not proprietary and produce similar plants each year (looking at you, big Ag…) you are able to save seeds from the veggies you grew. Also, if stored properly, the original seeds we send will be viable for several seasons. 

Do I have to buy the recommended bed or container kit?

No. We highly recommend that you do, however, as raised beds have many benefits to growing lots of veggies in a small space and last for many years. But you can plant the seeds however you wish – just know that your sowing times might be off schedule compared to the beds and we’ll want to know that you went off script in the end of season grow reports. Please note that none of the kits contain soil – you will need to source compost or good quality soil to fill them with locally. If that intimidates you ask for help in the forum!

Why did i still get seeds when i cancelled my plan?

Our subscription term is annual. If you cancel, you will not be billed for renewal starting at the next cycle, which is the growing season following the one you’re currently signed up and paid for. So, if your card was charged already, you’re officially on the list to get seeds next season. This is for planning and ordering purposes on our end. If you aren’t happy with your plan, or if this doesn’t work for you, get in touch to let us know why – we want to take care of our members and are willing to meet you halfway in finding good solutions that leave everyone happy.

Where Do You ship?

We ship to most addresses within the Continental US. While we might expand operations in the future, for the time being we cannot accommodate international orders or shipments to Alaska/Hawaii.

Can I Get a Refund or cancel my subscription?

Definitely. You can change plans, cancel, buy multiple seed subscriptions, or send subscriptions and kits as gifts. Changes take effect starting in the season following the last one that you were charged for. We want you to be happy with your subscription and products – if you’re not happy at the end of the season, let us know why and we’ll issue you a refund.

When will I get my order?

All of our products are tied to the annual growing season. Physical products and heirloom seed boxes for the season will be mailed out when you need them. In most cases, this means February or March of the growing season you paid for, but all of the other perks and membership privileges are available immediately.

Ready to join up?

Still have a question or need help? Reach out to us at customersupport@theplantdad.com