Jumpstart your heirloom vegetable garden

Garden-fresh harvests without the hassle

We’re not meal delivery, we’re garden delivery!

We’re not meal delivery, we’re garden delivery!

Grow with the plant dad

Whether you’ve dreamed of topping your salads with fresh heirloom tomatoes, or want to enhance the taste of your meals with delicious garden-grown heirlooms, The Plant Dad makes it simple and easy for you to start growing! 

We provide you with the essentials – seeds, knowledge, support, layout planning – to get your heirloom garden growing for less than $5 a month!! Take control of your food and enjoy delicious veggies and herbs sourced directly from your own home.

An assortment of heirloom tomatoes

What Are Heirlooms?

Heirlooms are old-fashioned veggies and herbs that are traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Heirloom seeds produce plants with the same traits planting after planting, season after season, generation after generation. This ensures you always have a tastier harvest and one that comes from non-GMO, organic seedlings that date back up to 100 years or more

But why heirloom seeds?

The delicious, exceptional, and flavorful taste of heirloom veggies are qualities that can’t be found anywhere within the typical produce at major supermarkets. Crisp cabbages from Italy, nutty Native American squash, juicy vibrant colored heirloom tomatoes — they all immediately invoke flavorful images of savory dishes, and meals that leave your mouth watering with utter delight. It’s a natural flavor you have to grow for yourself.

planning and planting made easy

Here's How It Works:

Carrots of various sizes arranged on a wood surface

Choose Your Plan

We save you the trouble of planning, whether you have a simple windowsill, a compact apartment porch, or a luscious backyard. Let us create the ideal garden layouts perfect for your home. Get the knowledge and support you need to build, plant, grow, and harvest your heirloom garden from start to finish.

Get Your Heirloom Garden

Discover your family’s new favorite veggies with a fully planned garden delivered to your door. Each seed is chosen specifically for your growing region and comes with detailed instructions for planting, layout, and necessary care in your new perfect garden.

A packet of seeds being sown
vegetable basket, fruit basket, harvest

Enjoy Your Harvests

Our heirloom plants are 100% compatible with one another, tailored perfectly to your living space, and designed to give you plentiful harvests all season long!

Want an heirloom garden of your own?

Why Us?

Heirloom Plants

We hand-pick amazing heirloom varieties to give you delicious home-grown produce all season long. Get started with heirloom gardening or try new varieties to expand your flavor horizons.

Gardening Products

Find all the products, equipment, and know-how you need to easily go from seed to harvest, all in one place.

Expertise and Support

Learn how to grow and care for heirloom plants. Relax knowing that dozens of other club members are all growing the same varieties right along with you, and that a community is there to teach and guide you.

If you’re not happy for any reason, we want to know why. Let us try to make things right for you! If we can’t, you have one full year from date of purchase to request a refund for a product or seed plan.

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